Freedom Sunday

Join hundreds of churches gathering for Freedom Sunday, a global, catalytic movement.

Choose any Sunday between September 2021 and April 2022 to host Freedom Sunday.

Millions of women, men, and children in every country are forced to work against their will in the sex trade or in forced labor.

Slavery is everywhere. It’s in our closets, cupboards, and kitchens. It’s in our neighborhoods and around the globe.

we are broken,
but not powerless

How we respond on Freedom Sunday

On Freedom Sunday, churches all around the world come together as a united, hope-filled, justice-driven community seeking to end human trafficking.  We start with prayer, lament, learning, dialogue, and worship to inform and catalyze our response to this global tragedy.

Freedom Sunday is more than a day. It’s more than a worship service. Freedom Sunday is a movement of hope.

The impact of Freedom Sunday

Over the past 12 years, Freedom Sunday offerings have raised nearly $1,000,000 and launched more than 25 Freedom Projects.

Thanks to your support, you’ve helped give a home to survivors of human trafficking in Illinois, supported at-risk women in Taiwan and Greece, protected vulnerable children in foster care or poverty all over the world, and more.


God uses courageous, faithful people to accomplish seemingly impossible missions.

In Exodus 1 the Israelites are oppressed. The mighty Pharoah, who isn’t named, tries to force two Hebrew midwives, Shiphrah and Puah to kill Hebrew babies. These courageous women don’t just refuse to obey the oppressor, they resist. They do all they can to protect the innocent.

It’s the powerless against the powerful. God is on the side of the powerless and the women put their faith in God. Without these ordinary, faithful, courageous women there would be no exodus. We think of Moses as the deliverer, but it all began with Shiphrah and Puah.

This year’s Freedom Sunday looks to some contemporary faithful, courageous women and the work they are doing to bring hope and healing to the broken and to protect the vulnerable. God is using these organizations in powerful ways.


Narobi, Kenya

Wunders equip girls and women to thrive around the world, helping girls stay in school through locally-made sustainable menstrual supplies and community-based education that emphasizes that we are all created in the image of God.


Jackson, Michigan

MyPlace’s mission is to reduce the vulnerability for exploitation by offering safe transitional housing and holistic support services to youth and young adults in the Greater Jackson area with a preference to those in vulnerable circumstances.


Monterey Bay 

Set Free Monterey Bay is a Christian organization established to assist human trafficked, adult women to find healing in a Christ-centered, restoration home and to educate the Monterey Bay community about human trafficking.

How to register + Receive our Kit

Choose any Sunday between September 2021 and April 2022 to host a Freedom Sunday.

When you register we will email you the Freedom Sunday kit for download. The kit includes bulletin inserts, suggested litany, music resources, scripture, talking points, and other service elements, multimedia resources, project information, and more!

Request a Freedom Sunday Speaker

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