Central Valley SFM Run’s in the Direction of Freedom

Written by: Victoria Fisher, SFM Communications Specialist

The Central Valley Set Free Movement team is preparing for their 6th annual Freedom Run 5k. With human trafficking as the fastest-growing criminal industry, the team took action to raise awareness.

In past years, the Central Valley team has had great success! Each year, of course, brings its own new challenges, as well as continued growth and impact. Last year, due to Covid, the team was faced with difficult decisions regarding the run. “It was a difficult decision, but we decided to pivot like so many others were at that time,” says the SFM Central Valley leader, Vicki Lopes. Making the decision to cancel the run in person, the team was determined to find a way to continue working in the direction of freedom. That’s when they decided to go with the idea of a virtual run. “It was scary and exciting at the same time. We had no idea what to expect or if anyone would sign up,” says Vicki. Through the unknown and the doubts, the Lord still showed up and worked in big ways. The solely virtual run turned out to be the most successful year yet!

The virtual run was a great learning experience for the SFM team. “We discovered that people like the flexibility of doing a virtual run in their schedule. They determine where and when to do the 5K, “ says Vicki. It allowed people from all over the US to participate, instead of limiting it to only people in the Central Valley area. There were people from 15 different states participating, something that couldn’t have happened at an in-person run! The stories and pictures people shared were not only encouraging to the SFM Central Valley team but got others excited and eager to sign up and share too.

Last year’s virtual run greatly expanded the impact of the Freedom Run. It was proof that sometimes the hard things are the most rewarding. Central Valley will be hosting their in-person Freedom Run 5k for the 6th year in a row alongside the option to run virtually. They are ecstatic to see the impact and involvement people will have this year, all to spread awareness about human trafficking and the work Set Free Movement is doing around the world.

You can join us by running in the direction of freedom this fall! You can participate in person or virtually. Sign up by September 24th through the link on our page.

Together we can end human trafficking! 

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