by investing in holistic freedom

We are excited about the major milestones we’ve reached, especially in the last few years. The Set Free Movement is growing rapidly, but we need your help to do more to end human trafficking.

We have increased

in our scale + strategic location.


Improve access to technology, such as replacing aging laptops to boost performance and efficiency, and travel costs to support our leaders, especially as we launch new work in India, Europe, and the US in 2019.

OUR GOAL: $20,000

2019 GOAL: $20,000

The competency of
our global leaders
is growing

OUR NEED: Leadership Development

Maximize the local impact of our global leaders by developing their God-given skills and equipping them for the audacious work they do, such as providing training and coordinating regional gatherings.

OUR GOAL: $140,000

2019 GOAL: $140,000

We are deepening
our effectiveness
in programming

OUR NEED: Leadership Development

Adding a new staff member to our team and increasing part-time staff hours. We currently have only 2 full-time and 2 part-time paid staff who manage 40 teams across three continents.

OUR GOAL: $80,000

2019 GOAL: $80,000