Percent for Freedom

Your business can lead the fight for freedom in your community while demonstrating relevancy through generous business practices.

There are tens of millions of enslaved people in our world today.
Women, men, and children. Unable to walk away, under the threat of violence, forced to do things they don’t want to do.

Our world is broken, but we are not powerless.
Our consumerism can be advocacy. With every purchase, we are choosing the kind of world we want.

Percent for Freedom is a partnership program for businesses seeking to invest in new futures and raise awareness about human trafficking. By donating a percentage of their profits, businesses can be a vital part of the solution to end human trafficking.

Through Percent for Freedom, your business strategically partners with the Set Free Movement in tangible ways to:

• Raise awareness about vulnerabilities to human trafficking
• Fund freedom initiatives
• Advocate for holistic, community-driven change
• Potentially help train and employ the vulnerable and survivors and more. 

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How to Start a Percent for Freedom Partnership

1. You and Set Free partner in ways that make the most sense to you.

2. Set Free will work with you to produce an array of promotional tools, such as window decals and counter cards or stand-up cards.

3. You choose the level of involvement and advocacy.

4. You choose the length of the partnership.

5. You choose the percentage of sales to donate to the Set Free Movement.

Contact Us

To learn more about becoming a Percent for Freedom business partner, complete this contact form and we look forward to connecting with you.

    How the Set Free Movement Works:

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    We educate, prevent, mobilize communities, support rescue & restore.

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    We work in North America, Southeast Asia, and Central / Eastern Europe.

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    We engage business, academia, faith, media, culture, law / government, family & other influencers.

    Our % for Freedom Partners: