Set Free Book

SET FREE is a must-read for anyone ministering where human brokenness abounds. The principles in this book will guide you to a renewed sense of hope and purpose as you deepen your compassion for the hurting and deepen your commitment to be part of the solution.

The more I’ve seen of human trafficking, or modern-day slavery, the more I’ve become convinced that it’s actually a symptom of a much deeper problem: brokenness. The human race has forgotten how to care for each other in community. We don’t know how to live together anymore. As a result, communities are fractured, and the brokenness spills out into social systems and cultures. The breakdown creates a breeding ground not only for exploitation and slavery, but also for perpetuating poverty, racism, gender inequality, and other injustices.

But there is hope. Jesus has been anointed to proclaim good news for those who need it, liberty for the captives, healing for the broken, the Jubilee arriving for God’s people. Jesus liberates, saves, and brings healing and hope. We are invited not only to be free, but also to thrive in His kingdom on earth, and then to partner with Him to set others free in the name of Jesus.”

—Author, Kevin Austin


Endorsements for Set Free: A Guide To Pursuing Liberation in an Age of Bondage

“Arguing from all sides of the Wesleyan Quadrilateral? Scripture, tradition (church history), reason, and experience? Set Free: A Guide to Pursuing Liberation in an Age of Bondage presents the case for a gospel-based, incarnational approach to setting the captives free.”

– Bishop Linda Adams.