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The Set Free Movement

Learn about human trafficking and the Set Free Movement’s response.

Set Free Team, Canfield Ohio

Includes resources about: the issue of modern slavery; social change; theology; & history.

About Eden's Glory

Eden’s Glory is a home fortifying survivors, educating communities, and working to end human trafficking all for the glory of God

A message from Zsuzsa, the Hungarian

The Set Free Movement mobilizes local leaders, like Zsuzsa, to engage locally.

My Place, Jackson, Michigan

The mission of MyPlace is to reduce the vulnerability for exploitation by offering safe transitional housing 
 and holistic support services to youth and young adults in the 
Greater Jackson area.


Listen: Trafficking, Pornography, and You (with Amanda Phillips of Set Free Macon County)

In our second of eight episodes, we talk with Amanda Phillips from Set Free Macon County about how pornography ties into human trafficking, how even “free sites” can contribute to the problem, and ways you can address this growing issue.

Listen: Brighter than Apathy (with Set Free Movement Leader Kevin Austin)

In the first of eight episodes in the direction of freedom, we speak to Kevin Austin about McDonalds activism, the danger of apathy, and the hope and power of community.

Listen: Teach in the Direction of Freedom (with Felicia George from Set Free Monterey Bay)

Felicia George has spent the last several years in local schools, teaching youth about the risks of human trafficking and modern-day slavery. Today she joins us to share some of her wisdom and knowledge as we discuss everything from slave labor to underage sex trafficking.

Listen: Healing Victims of Human Trafficking (with Ginger Coakley of Eden’s Glory)

Today we speak with Ginger Coakley of Eden’s Glory in Illinois, an amazing group that provides a place for women who have escaped human trafficking where they can emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually heal.