Where we work

Where we work

Our philosophy is that local leadership knows best.

The local context determines the action. That’s why we come alongside to coach, support, and raise up leaders around the world in ways that make sense for that context.

united states

Watsonville, CA

Educate & Equip Youth

Each year, this team trains more than 1,000 youth in public school about protecting themselves and their peers against exploitation and abuse, including practicing online safety.

Seattle, WA

Foster care

Between 60-90% of child trafficking victims in the U.S. were in foster care at one point. Our Seattle team cares for foster care children, supports and encourages social workers, and mentors foster parents.

Decatur, IL

Building a resilient community

Members from several local churches form this team, mobilizing their community to reach the most underserved groups in their area and address the links between slavery and vulnerabilities such as poverty.

Turlock, CA

Engaging the community

Our team in Turlock engages all sectors of their community through events and fundraisers while examining the deeper factors influencing exploitation, including migration.

Dekalb, IL

Rebuild Community

This team is a missional community, seeking to rebuild community by operating a fair trade coffee shop where discipleship, advocacy training, mentoring, leadership development, and theological reflection take place.

Spring Arbor, MI

Support at-risk youth

One of our first established teams, this group seeks to support at-risk youth, especially youth in foster care. In addition to their local anti-trafficking efforts, they are connected to various missions in Southeast Asia.

McPherson, KS


This team seeks to combat pornography and the role it plays in individual and family’s lives while strengthening individuals and building healthy families.



Protecting Roma Girls

Missionaries Chance and Dee Dee Galloway provide safe shelter, spiritual nurturing, and access to education, health care, and job training for at-risk Roma girls.


Emerging Community Team

This emerging team based out of the Free Methodist Church in Spain is comprised of artists, pastors, and other influencers of society. Having formed in the spring of 2018, the team is exploring opportunities to address human trafficking as a community.


Equip Influencers

Our Set Free team strives to unite the abolitionist movement in Budapest and equip influencers of society to address human trafficking and abuse. Our leaders also serve people living at the margins who are vulnerable to exploitation, especially children in orphanages, people facing unemployment, and ethnic Roma groups.

Asia & Africa


Mobilizing Churches

Our Filipino leader, Ken, works alongside her husband, Jemuel, to equip pastors and mobilize churches to be informed, compassionate responders to human trafficking.


Supporting immigrants

Creates a support network for female migrants who are vulnerable to exploitation or broken relationships by building relationships and teaching life skills to adjust to their new culture.


Protecting children

Raises critical awareness of human trafficking, equips caregivers to protect their children and access resources, and fosters an abolitionist culture within Free Methodist churches in India. The team works with local partners to repatriate trafficked youth with families in their home communities.


Advocating for Young Women

In a context where violence against women is high, young women are mentored to become role models to other females and community advocates addressing gender-based violence and human trafficking through partnering organization, Thrive.

Latin America


Outreach and Support

Our leader in Colombia works to support and mentor children and youth through street outreach and an after-school program that educates and counsels children about the vulnerabilities to human trafficking.

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Read our Partner Proposal if you are interested in creating a team.

We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization under the Free Methodist Church in the USA. The majority of our work is done through partnerships. Last year, we worked with 100+ agencies in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. We believe human trafficking cannot be solved by only one organization or denomination – we’re all in this together!