The Problem

Many children in Colombia come from communities where drugs, gangs, and prostitutes are on every block. Many are refugees in need of basic essentials like food, friendships, role models, and new futures without poverty.


As a trained social worker, Mayra and her team are working on mission with God to create new futures for children. They support and mentor children and youth, letting them know they are loved and made in the image of God.

After school program

Mayra works with children ages 5 to 13 in an after-school program. Here she helps establish new opportunities for them through Christian values. The team supports through help with homework, provides food, educates them on how to get out of a poverty situation, and teaches them the love of Christ.

Education and Counseling

The team provides education-focused support programs and workshops to help vulnerable children and their families increase resilience to human trafficking. They also work to readily make family counseling services available.


With poverty, street vendors, drugs, and teen pregnancies so prevalent, the team partners with the local church to prioritize outreach into vulnerable communities to educate them about vulnerabilities to human trafficking.

Help Mayra support and mentor children and youth in Colombia.  

We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization under the Free Methodist Church in the USA. The majority of our work is done through partnerships. We work with 100+ agencies in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. We believe human trafficking cannot be solved by only one organization or denomination – we’re all in this together!