Who we are


our mission & vision

Our mission is to mobilize faith communities, financial partners, and all segments of society towards ending human trafficking and creating new futures through community-based action.

Our vision is to see the vulnerable protected, captives set free, and the oppressed experiencing hope and healing as neighborhoods are transformed.

We seek to rebuild community.

We coach and equip 30+ community teams in the US and around the world to bring hope and healing to their own neighborhoods.

Our teams address the root causes of slavery in their neighborhoods, including poverty, racism, gender inequality, addiction, abuse, family brokenness, and more.



How we engage is as important as what we do.

We believe mission happens within the scope of discipleship. Set Free teams start by fostering a culture of spiritual care and formation, where each member is supported to embody the characteristics of God.

From there, Set Free teams form a context-specific strategy and partner with others to reduce vulnerability and bring healing to their communities through:

We seek to end modern slavery by addressing the root causes of human trafficking, which may include homelessness, poverty, migration, trauma, abuse, and more.

How can you help?

+ care deeply and authentically for those close to you
+ mentor youth in your community
+ sponsor a child through International Child Care Ministries
+ support social enterprises like TO THE MARKET that create livelihood opportunities

+ protect refugees or immigrant workers in your area
+ advocate for vocational training and job creation for at-risk groups
+ support your local foster care unit

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We work through community-based action to create awareness and equip societal influencers with the tools and resources they need to educate others.

How can you help?

Start by educating yourself, then others. Check out our resources page to learn as much as you can about human trafficking and the deeper problems behind it.

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Rescuing victims of human trafficking is a complex strategy that should be left up to trained professionals. But any of us can support frontline workers and first responders to help them do their job well.

How can you help?

Get to know the signs of human trafficking and report anything suspicious to the hotline through the National Human Trafficking Resource Center: 1-888-373-7888.

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We seek to bring hope and healing to broken people and broken communities, including survivors of human trafficking, domestic abuse, violence, or other forms of exploitation. We also work to restore communities that have been broken by racism, violence, and other issues.

How can you help?

+ pray for the team and survivors at Eden’s Glory
financially support Eden’s Glory
+ volunteer at a local domestic violence shelter
+ donate items to a local safe home
+ support a social or frontlines worker
+ join a racial reconciliation group

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In order to create holistic freedom, we need all aspects of society to participate. We seek to bring all areas of expertise and influence together to more effectively address all angles of human trafficking.

How can you help?

+ Screen a documentary in your community
+ Host a group book study
+ Fundraise for the Set Free Movement, one of our partners, or a local agency

+ Gather members of your church or social circle to pray
+ Bring your community together by hosting a prayer vigil, 5k run / walk, or fair trade festival
+ If you are a student, prepare to be vocationally engaged in the direction of freedom.
+ If you are a business leader create business solutions and find ways to fund freedom. Click here and see what some business leaders are doing through their Subway Restaurant.
+ Song writers – write songs of freedom!
+ Connect with us and let us know what you are doing in the direction of freedom.


Human trafficking is a legal issue, too. Some of our teams lobby political leaders or demand more corporate accountability at the local and national level.

How can you help?

+ Stay informed about current legislation pertaining to prostitution, human trafficking, immigration, and more
+ Follow the political advocacy efforts of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation
+ Write letters to companies like Hershey that are notorious for using slave or child labor in their supply chains
+ Meet with your local political representatives and ask them to put human trafficking and its surrounding issues on their radar


But we need everybody.

Our ultimate goal is not only to seek justice but to pursue shalom. In order to do that, we strive to bring together all sectors of society :

Social Service




Law + Politics




We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization under the Free Methodist Church in the USA. The majority of our work is done through partnerships. Last year, we worked with 100+ agencies in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. We believe human trafficking cannot be solved by only one organization or denomination – we’re all in this together!